„Jazz island“ today

“Jazz Island” is a professional polyphonic a cappella group, singing different genres. Just like in the video, and more:

You may guess from the name of the group that they sing a lot of jazz music, but this is only half of the truth. The genres of their songs range from folk music to classic, from jazz to pop. And they all sound innovative and interesting:

“Jazz Island” has many Lithuanian awards. The best vocal group in Lithuania, “Aukso paukštė” (Golden Bird) and “Auksinis diskas” (Golden Disc) by Lithuanian Union of Musicians. In 2012 “Jazz Island” took part in the international contest “Iš sidabro šulinių” (From Silver Wells) and won the Grand Prix in all categories: folk, classic, jazz, and pop.

“Jazz Island” is often invited to represent Lithuania in various international events. When in 2011 Lithuania was chair of OSCE, “Jazz Island” gave a concert in Vienna. In 2012 the group performed in Paris for the ambassadors of UNESCO. The same year “Jazz Island” respresented Lithuania in the international festival in China.

During the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2013, “Jazz Island” was often invited to official events in Vilnius, and also in Brussels, where it took part in the opening of “The Baltic Way” corridor in the European Parliament.

In 2014 “Jazz Island” won the gold medal in the World Choir Games in jazz category. Watch the video:

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society invites “Jazz Island” to its events across Lithuania and abroad. In 2014 the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society organized “Jazz Island” concerts in Estonia, Russia, and China.

“Jazz Island” received a letter of appreciation for professionalism from President Dalia Grybauskaitė. The group was announced Young Performers of the Year by the Ministry of the Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

“Jazz Island” gives a lot of concerts not only in concert halls, but also in TV shows.