About "Jazz Island"

Every song of “Jazz Island” broadens the definition of a cappella. Various genres, innovative arrangements, professional performance – it’s about “Jazz Island”. It’s about young people from Artūras Novikas Jazz School.

“14 Voices” – new album by “Jazz Island”.

Artūras Novikas has a role for every voice. You will never be tired of “14 Voices” because each time you will hear something new.

Artūras Novikas Jazz School

“Jazz Island” members grew up in Artūras Novikas Jazz School, where their talents were discovered, raised and presented to the world.


It felt like in the sixties listening to very good blues. Sometimes I could hear human voices, but sometimes I couldn’t believe that there were no instruments.

E. Juozapaitienė

These people are musical instruments. They are charming, they have great talent. The leader can do everything. He is a shot of creativity!

Z. Kelmickaitė

Can you imagine two people imitating contrabass in unison? For three, it would be easier, but for two it is incredibly difficult. How do you do that?

V. Miškinis